Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Aranka's Birthday

Aranka's birthday was on Friday 16th May but we thought we'd get started a bit earlier so on Thursday night lots of people headed over to Aranka's for drinks and finally good music (our friend Alex bought a cable so that we could connect the stereo to a computer and finally didn't have to listen to radio Carolina and it's eight songs. At midnight we sang happy birthday and then headed out to Subterraneo for a dance.

On Friday it was a repeat performance. We all met in a restaurant and then headed back to Pedro del Valdivia house for drinks and music. This time we all went to a club right up at the end of Las Condes which is a long road running almost up to the mountains. We had to take three buses and were freezing by time we got there. The music was OK but instead of hip-hop which it was supposed to be playing, it was regaton for two hours which can get a bit tedious. Still, we had good fun. The journey home was freezing too. We had to wait in the cold for half and hour and Aranka and I had to hug together for body warmth so as not to die from hypothermia.

We finally got home to our repective houses at six thirty and warm beds.

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